Culture of Prevention

The prevention culture of an organisation expresses how important and self-evident the topics of safety and health are in everyday work.

If they are highly valued, everyone is aware of the importance of identifying risks to safety and health and finding ways to improve them. If safety and health become core issues in a company, then they are not seen as simply cost factors, but rather as an investment in a successful future.

To establish a culture of prevention, leadership, communication and participation are important fields of action. They are complemented by a well-functioning error culture and a good working atmosphere. Safe and healthy processes underscore the last field of action – integration into everyday working life.

The DGUV’s 5-Level Model helps companies and educational institutions to take a hands-on look at their own culture of prevention in everyday working life and provides approaches for developing it further.

A most important and useful tool for assessing a company’s own culture of prevention and for formulating appropriate goals and ideas is available in the form of the Culture Dialogues for Prevention. For larger companies with 50 or more employees, the IAG’s CultureCheck can be used as an alternative for a more in-depth analysis.

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