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The accident insurance institutions pay compensation for the consequences of occupational accidents, accidents in educational establishments, commuting accidents, and occupational diseases. Should an accident occur, a comprehensive process of care for the victim is set in motion extending from out-patient treatment through to rehabilitation. The objective in all cases is that of restoring victims' health as far as possible and of re-integrating them fully into occupational and social life.

What are occupational, school and commuting accidents?
Every year, numerous accidents occur at workplaces, in schools and in children’s daycare facilities. Restoration of the affected individual’s health and capacity for work to the greatest possible extent following such an accident or occupational ...

What are occupational diseases?
Certain conditions are formally recognized as occupational diseases when they have been contracted as a result of exposure, during insured activity, to health hazards at a higher level than the exposure for the wider population. Formally recognized ...

DGUV's commitment to rehabilitation and sports for the disabled
Rehabilitation is one of the central tasks of the statutory accident insurance. Its aim is to bring its insured persons who have been injured in an accident or impaired by an illness back into society and, if possible, into the work process. ...

Medical care
Following an occupational accident, competent medical care of the insured individual is particularly important. This medical care is delivered "from a single source" under the statutory accident insurance system. Approximately 3,500 accident ...

Occupational and social rehabilitation
The statutory accident insurance institutions assume the costs of all measures required for occupational participation. Measures which they finance include: Assistance in retaining or finding a workplace Measures for selecting a vocation, ...

Financial benefits
Employees receive injury benefit for the duration of their incapacity for work, as a substitute for their previous earnings. A temporary allowance is paid during a measure for occupational rehabilitation. Insured persons suffering an accident ...