Trend Search and Risk Observatory

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Trend Search

Under the direction of the DGUV’s New Forms of Work Expert Group, the institutions of the Social Accident Insurance in Germany are using Trend Search to track changes in the world of work on an annual basis. As part of this process, anyone can report topics to the Trend Search which they believe are important in the future for occupational safety and health. If these trends and topics are identified early enough, they can help guide and support OSH action plans and activities. The resulting ‘trend rating’ provides a basis for the DGUV’s Expert Committees, Expert Groups and the Risk Observatory.

For more information, see Trend Search for OSH (German only).

Risk Observatory

The various institutions of the German social accident insurance system consider it their duty not only to understand the influence of these developments but also to recognise early on the associated opportunities and risks and to develop appropriate measures to help companies deal with these changes. The DGUV’s Risk Observatory, which was established to assist with this goal, conducted a large-scale survey to determine which developments in the world of work play a particularly important role for prevention in the future.

For more information see risk observation for OSH.


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